Countertop & Sink
Tianyue Stone & Arts

Supply different kinds of high-quality natural granite、marble、quartz and artificial stone countertops. For example: kitchen tops, work tops, table tops, bathroom tops, sink and shower taps etc. Our products are widely used in the hotels and apartment’s kitchens and bathrooms in USA and Europe market. The main materials include: Giallo Florito, Giallo Cecillia, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ortamental, Carioca Gold, Verde Oliva, Giallo Veniziano, Butterfly Green, Verde Green, Imperial Coffee, Kashmire White, Kashmire Gold, Paradiso, Bahama Blue, Tropical Green, Multicolor Red and Black Galaxy ect.


The size for countertops:

Kitchen tops: 26"x96", 26"x98", 28"x108",25-1/2”x96”, 25-1/2”x98”, 25-1/2”x108” ect.

Island: 36"x78", 39"x78" & 28"x78",42”x78”, 42”x96” ect.

Table tops: 72"x36", 72"x39" 72"x39", 72x42” ect.

Bar tops: 12"x78",15"x78",18”x78”, 16”x78”, 12”x96”, 15”x96”, 18”x96”x 16”x96” ect.


Vanity tops with single sink:25”x22”, 31”x22”, 35”x22”, 37”x22”, 43”x22”, 45”x22”, 49”x22”, 25”x19”, 31”x19”, 35”x19”, 37”x19”, 43”x19”,45”x19”, 49”x19”ext.


Vanity tops with double sink:61”x22”, 67”x22”, 73”x22”, 61”x19”, 67”x19”, 73”x19” ect.


The size for the sink:400x400x100mm, 500x400x100mm, 400x260x100mm, 250x280x100mm, 600x450x100mm, 500x400x120mm,800x500x150mm,

Dia.375x100mm, Dia.440x100mm, Dia.440x120mm,Dia.440x150mm300x300x100mm, 350x350x120mm,


The size for the shower taps:800x800x50mm, 800x1000x50mm, 800x1200x50mm, 900x900x50mm, 900x1000x50mm, 900x1200x50mm,

1000x1000x50mm, 1000x1200x50mm, 1200x1200x50mm



The normal thickness is 3/4" or 1 1/2"(1 3/16”). The special thickness could be made as clients’ request.


Finishing of the edge:


Packing:Foamed plastic or strong wooden crates.


Quality control:

Polishing degrees 85 degrees.

The polishing degree is above 85 degree; the tolerance of

 the thickness is (+1,-1mm).

  • Countertop

  • Washbasin

  • Fireplace

  • Other


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